How to Upload Videos From Your Computer to YouTube

YouTube has a few rules about the size, length, and file type of the videos you can upload.

  • YouTube accepts a number of file formats for videos. These include:

.AVI -This is Windows media video-

.WMV -Windows format


.FLV – Adobe Flash

3GP- from mobile phones

.MOV – from Mac computers

MP4-from iPods


If your video doesn’t match these formats, you’ll need to save your video to your computer in one of these formats. Alternately, you may need a converting program to convert your video. The good news is; that the above formats cover just about every popular method of making videos so it’s more than likely your video will already be in an acceptable format that YouTube recognizes.

  • The length of the video must be 10 minutes or under and the file size not larger than 2GB. If your video exceeds one of these parameters, you’ll need to edit it before it can be uploaded to YouTube.
  • If you already have a YouTube account, then login. Otherwise you can register for free. Have a look around the site and you’ll see an ‘upload’ link on every page near the top.
  • Click this link
  • You will see an empty field and next to it says ‘Browse’. Click on ‘Browse’. This lets you locate your video file on your computer.
  • Once you locate it, select it and then click on ‘Upload Video’.

While your video is uploading there is a bar to show you the uploading progress.

Take time to fill in the details of the video to help people find it. Not all the information is required but the more YouTube has the better. After all, the purpose of uploading your video is to share it with others, even if only to your family and friends.

There is a privacy section where you tell YouTube if your video is for private viewing (up to 25 people that you give access to) or if the general public can watch.

After entering all the details, be sure to click on the ‘Save changes’ button.

Now you can just sit back and enjoy your video!

Deb Marsden is an experienced Internet training customer support manager.

Deb and her good friend and equally experienced customer support gal, Lee Ann, have joined forces and offer their services to computer newbies and not so newbies, solve issues they may have in learning how to use their computer.

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