How to Upload Videos to Multiple Video Websites In One Step

The process of uploading your videos at the Hey!Spread is quite straight forward and you have to register for the purpose with them. The Hey!Spread takes you through all of the process within a very short span of time. As soon as you start the process for uploading you are asked to submit the standard title, description, tags and category of the video file. Once these details are supplied to them, you can assume yourself to be all set about uploading your video. Next requirement is the login details of the different sites as you would be requiring them now, there is no compulsion for you to upload your video to all of the sites, if you are registered with all of the sites available with Hey!Spread then you can go in for all or you may opt for the select few, after you have submitted the login details of the sites you are guided to the next part of the process. Now you have to submit your email address, the email address is required since you will be receiving a notification email informing you that your upload was successful or not.

Now you have to wait patiently for the uploading process to complete. The uploading time depends upon the size of the video. After the completion of the uploading process you are prompted with an onscreen notification that your video uploading process is complete. Now you sit coolly and wait for the confirmation email from the site. It is the easiest process available on the net for this purpose. Within the span of approximately five minutes you would be able to upload and run your video from at least ten different sites.

Hey!Spread allows you to upload the videos in the video sharing sites like YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Dailymotion,, Photobucket, Metacafe, Bolt, Sclipo, Sumo, Sevenload, Facebook, Vimeo, Revver, Veoh, Vsocial and Putfile currently. The list is supposed to grow in the near future. As far as the support of the video format is concerned, the site readily supports the formats like WMV, .AVI, .MOV, 3GP, .DV. and .MPG. All of them are currently most popular with the video producers. One restriction is there for you and that is for the size of the video should not be more than 100 Mb or the duration of the video should not be more than 10 minutes.

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