When Should You Upload a Video?

Things are unpredictable in this new, fast-changing modern world of ours, and equally unpredictable is the power of these short video clips. If the question is “Should we upload videos?” then the answer is undoubtedly a loud and resounding yes, since we will never know when the video is a good success.

How should you upload your video? This is also a good question to ask. For every video you upload, it should include many references to your product, keywords and content; the more references, the better your internet branding and SEO. Each video should be treated like an advertisement for your business or website.

Logically, then, it makes sense to upload as many videos as possible to the internet. Of course, this is limited in each individual case, depending on your business needs and your ability to create videos – not just any video, but good videos of quality which will frame and position you favourably.

This past week I met a fellow business professional who has been in some of the most popular business magazines and is considered a leading professional in his field. He had some questions for me about video marketing and its future development, as he had quite quickly understood that video marketing would be a major force in the future. I gave him the advice to simply start making videos – of course you can get professional help and assistance – but the simple truth is to make videos at all. Given his position, with his competitors already creating videos, he needed to play catch-up and start releasing his own videos.

The truth is videos are comparable to websites; you can spend a hundred, a thousand, even ten or a hundred thousand dollars, but the most important thing is to have a website. Having a good website is better than having a poor one, but having a website at all is the most important thing.

My recommendation? Start today, start now. Making videos is like planting a tree; the best time was twenty years ago, the next best time is today. Create a simple marketing video and upload it to the internet today.

Over time, it will become better, easier and more rapid for you to create videos and share your business to the world, as well as start to think about testing and video editing. The best time to start is today.

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